S&P Group

Our activities in the industry dates back to the early 90s when Ireneusz SoliƄski - Chairman of the Expert's Board in S&P Group focused his research interests on the poorly known in Poland, issue of renewable energy sources. His pioneering researches has resulted in developing monitoring center for wind and solar resources at National Academy of Sciences and the first national publication in subcjet of photovoltaics and wind energy. In 1994, he began working with PSE Rzeszow and the Municipality of Dukla where he made the first commercial projects.

Since then, our team has conducted several projects: researches (analysis over 12 years of wind conditions in Carpathian region), supervisory, investments in renewable energy (above 10 MW wind farm and some smaller installations for individuals) and expertises and analysis for Polish and international companies.

Our specialists are considered as high-class practitioners who are also involved in the dissemination of their clean energy researches into innovative technologies. Results of this activities are more than 250 scientific and press publications (which include about 20 books in the subject of RES).

Companies who appreciated our professionalism:
Martifer (Portugal), Gamesa (Spain), Vestas (Denmark), Enercon (Germany), MHG Systems (Finland), VGB PowerTech (Germany), Tauron Wytwarzanie (Poland), Eko-Energia (Poland), Inline (Canada). Our services were also provided for several individuals and local governments (including Rymanow Zdroj, Dukla, Iwonicz Zdroj and Leki Dukielskie (Poland) - where finally was established a wind power plant with capacity of 5 x 2 MW).

By creating S&P Group, our main objective was, to guarantee you professional assistance in any field related to investments in the renewable energy sector. Therefore, our interdisciplinary team includes not only consultants linked with energy and electrical engineering in its broad sense, but also specialists from: management, finance, law, construction, architecture and communication sectors. All of this is done to develop Your market opportunities, which will give You real satisfaction from doing business with us.