We offer comprehensive services in realization of investments in photovoltaic power plants, either located on the buildings and on ground. Investment in photovoltaics is a real chance to create a business that would be a great generator of passive income and real option for financial security for companies, institutions and families, which will positively affect the sum of energy derived from the network in your household.

We are ready to cover photovoltaics investments at every stage, i.e. creating concepts, performing thorough due diligence, verifying meteorological parameters, creating business plans with financial forecasts for the investor, design and implementation phase, continuous monitoring of plant operation. We use the most efficient and technologically advanced products. Many years of experience of our consultants allows us to optimize costs and improve the efficiency at the top level.

We are specialized in realizations of different sizes, from household systems and photovoltaic systems on roofs of buildings up to commercial farms.

We have personal offers and system solutions for:

  • individual customers (household photovoltaic systems, free-standing photovoltaic farms (power plants), installations on sun-tracing systems)

  • companies and enterprises (installations on the roofs and buildings, a unique types of management companies lands for the photovoltaic systems)

  • local government (installations on the roofs and buildings, thermomodernization works, analysis and strategic concepts in RES)

    S&P Group is the contractor of complex hybrid investments (wind-solar), as well as cogeneration plants, either for private customers and for companies. Twenty years of experience of our experts in the field of renewable energy sources can lead us to conduct advanced studies, which allow You to minimize the risk in that kind of investment.