Energy efficiency

In line with the broad objectives of environmental protection, ie. preventing the pollution, an important part of our offer is the work in the field of energy efficiency improvements.

Improving the energy efficiency of the Polish economy is a priority objective of the Government and EU institutions. It is implemented by, among others, system of white certificates. We offer businesses improving their infrastructure electricity and heat, the effective acquisition of these certificates of origin. We also provide services in the use of support systems (subsidies) for implementation of such projects, where proposals were comprehensively prepare and conduct the entire investment process.

Many years of experience in the energy efficiency of our team and a key partner, the company Skamer ACM Sp. z o.o., allows us to carry out projects of this type, both in public entities as well as production and service companies.  

Our offer in terms of improving energy efficiency include:

  • industrial insulation,
  • integrated media consumption measurement and reporting,
  • modernization works in the field: the power grid and heat, lighting, equipment and industrial installations, local sources of electricity and heat - both at the design stage and performance,
  • energy recovery in industrial processes,
  • optimizations in: reactive power flow, reduce network losses and losses in transformers,
  • taken into account in the design of alternative energy sources

    Transfer of knowledge between us and cooperated units ensures effective execution of the hybrid system.