Technical Consulting

Environmental protection, renewable energy and ecology are concepts which often appear in public discussions. To match the forefront in the aspect of usement of RES and strict EU regulations on reducing pollution, it will be necessary to take next steps to mitigate negative impacts of conventional energy sources. This allows, either private enterprises and institutions to receive goverment support for investitions which give developement opportunities and savings.

We conduct for our customers projects from: strategic advisory, due diligence, consulting in the field of technology and management at every stage of investment in the renewable energy sector.

We support investments for companies, institutions and individuals. We create detailed reports for businesses, institutions, municipalities and cities in order to determine energetic potential associated with the implementation of RES installations in specific areas and buildings.

Many years of experience of our experts, practitioners, supervisors of projects in this sector in Poland and in the world, anticipating trends, knowledge of current legal and technical regulations, and technologies available to the S&P Group guarantee the effectiveness of actions taken by us.

Our offer includes:

  • Comprehensive strategic, technical and design advisory at every stage of the project in renewable energy sector based on wind, solar, hydro, biomass, biogas and biofuels.

  • Leading efforts to acquire: funding for investments, all necessary permits, business partners.

  • The overall management and consultancy for investments in sun, wind, hybrid power plants that include: expert analysis, researching resources, designation of areas with the most favorable conditions for investment, designing, conducting administrative and financial activities, social consultations.

  • The projects concerning the use of heat pumps and air conditioning systems, building passive houses including: designing heating systems, heating and air conditioning systems and heat recovery ventilators, energy generation from waste heat, ventilation, water treatment, etc.

  • Consultations on upgrading in the context of sustainable development.

  • Consulting on energy resources and possibility of obtaining electricity and heat.

  • Conducting researches over energy saving opportunities (rationalization of energy use) for industry, agriculture, transport and construction.

  • Energy advice related to the use of waste and production alternative fuels from waste.

  • Monitoring of wind, solar and hydro resources.

  • Comprehensive communication activities (aimed at local governments, communities, local media, political and economical environment).

  • Consulting and implementation of negotiation plans, branding, communication during litigations. Marketing activities for products and technologies related to renewable energy and ecology.

  • Developing and implementing CSR strategies related to environmental protection.