Wind energy

We provide a comprehensive service for realization of investments in wind power plants, starting from conception, through design, testing up to its operating life. We conduct also activities selected by customer at every stage of investment process.

At the first phase, we prepare due diligence studies, to be sure that the project will be successful. We are able to create enviromental expertises of all kind, including acoustic expertisse, shadow flickering and impact on fauna. We conduct operations in communication between the investor and local authorities and communities. We serve the project from the administrative and financial point of view. S&P Group offers complete systems for the measurement of wind energy: towers, data loggers and wind sensors. In addition, we can help you with installation of equipment in the field. Studies are carried out by respected programs such as WindPRO and WASP.

After choosing us, investor can be sure that the object, in the form of single turbine or wind farm, will be positioned in accordance with the criteria of due diligence for this type of investment. Maximizing economic effect and optimization of plant operation really matter for us.

In addition to design works, we also provide services in building supervisory, which include selection of the best offer in the market and workmanship contract.

S&P Group is the contractor of complex hybrid investments (wind-solar), as well as cogeneration plants, either for private customers and for companies. Twenty years of experience of our experts in the field of renewable energy sources can lead us to conduct advanced studies, which allow You to minimize the risk in that kind of investment.